Lipe Wedding

Thailand Weddings Planners and Packages of Phuket Lipe Wedding

Koh Lipe Wedding – a great choice of island weddings, where you can arrange your Thailand marriage in utmost serenity!

Thailand is among the most beautiful countries in the world, with amazing scenery and lush flora everywhere. Lipe is a small island located in the southwest of Thailand, close to the Malaysian border. It is a very popular place for tourists because of its three beautiful beaches. The nearest airport is in Hat Yai.

Sunset Beach, Sunrise Beach, and Pattaya beach are the beautiful beaches where you can arrange your wedding. The calm, clear water will make the nuptial memorable. We can arrange your Lipe wedding at a top beach club, for any size group.

Pattaya beach is the main beach of Lipe. This beach is a large, sheltered bay with soft sand, and crystal clear blue, calm waters. There will be a wide range of resorts and accommodations in Pattaya Beach where you can arrange the wedding. There are dozens of bars and restaurants where you can find excellent food, we recommend the Art Beach Club who, our partners in Koh Lipe.

The beach is full of crowds at times, particularly in high season it can become quite busy. Sunrise beach takes up the entire eastern side of the Koh Lipe. This beach is a very peaceful place with fewer crowds, extremely peaceful for lovers. Arranging a wedding here is a perfect option.

It is a beautiful spot all year round, and you can arrange the wedding here with our assistance. Accommodation is also available here and as compared to the Pattaya beach, there are more affordable places. The white sand and beautiful beach with amazing sunrises and crystal clear water is a smart choice for your marriage.

For a destination close to creature comforts, consider a Kamala Phuket Wedding Venue.

Sunset beach is another amazing and stunning beach that is located only a half kilometer along the west side of Koh Lipe. The name was given because of the incredible sunsets visible from the beach. When the sun descends, an exquisite glow is visible all along the coast. It will be an excellent place to start a new life together, with many happy memories.