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Phuket Wedding Budget

“We specialize in working with your Phuket Wedding Budget whether you need a fancy event or simply need to elope”

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Frequently Asked Questions about Booking:

How long will you take to reply back?

We aim to reply back to you within 24 hours, more or less. We do follow up all inquiries as quickly as possible. If for some reason you did not hear from us, please feel welcome to get in touch via Whatsapp/Phone (+66831750627) or Facebook Messenger if you would like.

How do you prefer to be contacted?

The above form is the best way. With this, we’ll have all your details to begin the inquiry process. Chat is good for urgent or last minute issues. Email is best for keeping all discussions organized in one place. Phone might be helpful, at some specific times, if you prefer as well.

What is involved in the booking process?

We’ll learn about your vision for the event in the above form. If everything looks like a fine match then we’ll send you some offer/s for typical packages which meet your description, perhaps with a few alterations to meet your requirement or Phuket wedding budget specifications. Then we’ll await your feedback and further ideas or questions towards customizing and refining the package or clarifying any details. Once it looks great to you then we’ll request a down payment to confirm the plans.

I have no idea on the budget question. How to proceed?

In that case, please let us know your vision and we’ll let you know what type of costs are associated. A Phuket wedding budget can range greatly. Therefore we can adapt the offering to your spending power as needed by recommending some changes as appropriate. For some clients who are less concerned with budget and more on the overall quality/inclusions, they can avoid that concern.

Can you recommend me a venue/beach/resort?

Yes but first we’ll wish to know your vision and budget. With that, we’ll be able to match you with the optimal venue. This is because some venues and areas can or cannot accommodate certain types of requirements such as a DJ by the beach until 2 AM for example. Rain requirements, cuisine, or luxury expectations vary greatly by venue/location. Sometimes the location or general area will be based on where you are staying — we try to avoid excessive driving to make your day as smooth as possible.

Is a Phuket Wedding Budget flexible? How so?

Yes some of the bigger variables are: venue/location, drinks package, decoration package and guest count. We work with all types of budgets from luxury spare-no-expense events to affordable or cheap Phuket wedding packages. We specialize in simply making sure the bride and groom are satisfied beyond their expectations.

What are some nice wedding favors?

We recommend wicker woven fans in the Thai style. These are elegant, beautiful, useful and inexpensive.

What happens in the case of rain?

We normally have backup areas under cover for the dinner if need be, or a tent can be booked. For the ceremony we’ll sometimes have a backup area but normally the rain comes and goes quickly in the Phuket region, so it’s typically fine to wait it out. We rarely had to use a backup space for the ceremony.

What are some Phuket romantic things to do?

We can recommend some restaurants for fine dining based near you. Phuket is full of nature, romance and site seeing.

Is hair and makeup conducted onsite?

Yes at you resort or hotel normally. Hair and makeup will indeed proceed there.

Do you work with religious weddings such as Phuket Christian Weddings or other faiths?

Yes we can arrange Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu or any other types of traditional rituals or celebrants/clergy etc.